AI/Data Science Consultancy

AI Consulting

I provide the consultancy and due diligence of AI solutions for various companies in the financial sector, automotive, social media, as well as for government institutions (UOKiK) and legal firms.

I also work for software houses and help them to build ML teams and start Data Science projects.

  • what they do, how they do it, how we can keep improving their products with Data Science,
  • defining the data science PoCs, roadmaps, pipelines, productization steps, data strategies,
  • creation of new data sciences capabilities for the business by envisioning and executing strategies that will influence the improvement of the business performance by enabling informed decision making,
  • building and leading a collaborative ML/DS team,
  • developing strategy and methods to ensure data collection, data quality, data annotation,
  • presenting results of Data Science processes and dealing directly with C-level stakeholders.