Construction Project Health

Project Health

As an AI consultant for Fonn, I played a key role in advising the company on data management and developing AI-based solutions to track, monitor, and predict the health of construction projects. Despite the vast potential of AI, it has yet to catch on in some industries, one of which is the construction industry. This is primarily due to data-related challenges like small datasets and a need for labeled data.

To overcome this challenge, I advised Fonn on best practices for data management, including data collection, data quality, and data annotation strategies. I also developed AI-based solutions to track, monitor, and predict the health of construction projects using the data collected by Fonn.

In addition to data management and AI development, I worked closely with the Fonn team to understand their client’s needs and identify opportunities to improve the efficiency and performance of their solutions. By leveraging AI and data analysis techniques, we created a solution that had a significant impact on the construction industry, helping thousands of construction projects worldwide stay healthy.

This project was an excellent opportunity to showcase the power of data science and machine learning in improving the efficiency and performance of the construction industry. As an AI consultant, I leveraged my data management and AI development expertise to help Fonn create innovative solutions that drive business outcomes. I am proud to have been a part of this project and look forward to continued success in AI and data science.