Avaya Conversational Intelligence

Avaya Conversational Intelligence ACI

Tha main objectives

In the Avaya Conversational Intelligence (ACI) project, I have been involved in the complete design and implementation of AI-enabled solutions for call centers. The solution is responsible for automatic speech recognition (ASR), and analysis of transcripts that enable understanding what, who, when, and how is doing in the call centers. It improves agents' productivity and increases customer satisfaction. I worked on implementing state-of-the-art models for spoken language understanding and creating entirely new machine learning models for post ASR natural language processing tasks.

The research community has recognized the research works, and our papers have been accepted at Interspeech and EMNLP conferences.

Check out more about project here: https://www.avaya.com/en/videos/avaya-conversational-intelligence/1_1xh09nax/